Monday, September 27, 2010

Epicenter 2010

Ok heres what went down....
All bands were awesome except 30 seconds to mares because Jared made the 25,000 + people there mosh and push foward... aside from that... i have front row for 7 hours and moshed for 10 so im really tired today..
blink 182 was fucking amazing and im so glad i waited front row for them... make said hello to me and i caught a stick that Travis Barkers son threw!
awesome concert... sept for the heat and lack of "hose guy" (some guy maning a fire hose to cool down the crowd.

and heres the question of the day....
why do fat people tend to crowd surf the most? that shit hurts when some 250 lb sweety dude lands on u while leaning on a metal gate.... seriously that shit hurts!

ps blink would not stop talking about how this was their last show before returning to the studio for another album that is so post to be epic beyond everything.....


  1. Hahahahh some fat guy tried crowd surfing at a local concert but people dropped him

  2. That's awesome. I love standing room concerts. Seated concerts suck

  3. been to long since i been to a show

  4. lucky you, it's been like 3 years since i had the occasion to go to a concert.

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  6. Must have been pretty F****g AWESOME.. Wish I was there.

  7. Dude that's awesome
    I can't wait for the nest album
    saw them live last summer at MSG
    Best show of my life

  8. That was an awesome concert... When is the next one?

  9. fan of blink-182, and music is your life? does not compute.

  10. Nice, listened to Blink a lot when I was younger, now everything I play ends up crazy heavy.

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